Frequently Asked Questions

What is your value-add and how does that help me?  Imagine making every financial decision with confidence.  It could be anything from buying a house, to saving for your child’s education, to starting a business to retiring early.  These decisions often come with a tremendous amount of anxiety and questioning.  Wealth Planner and CFP® Practitioner, Dean Schuler has worked with hundreds of clients with these same questions over the course of many years.  This allows Dean to share with you what has worked, and what hasn’t.  By hiring Schuler Wealth Planning as your financial advisor, you have the lessons learned from all of those experience at your fingertips to help guide you in right direction.    

Are you a Fiduciary? - Yes, as a fee-only registered investment advisor and CFP® Practitioner, I act as a Fiduciary at all times in my engagement as your financial advisor.

How are you compensated? - The only compensation that Schuler Wealth Planning receives is from fees that our clients pay us directly.  There are no commissions, hidden costs, referral fees etc...  We have a unique fee structure that allows us to work with clients from all spectrums of income/net worth.  Contact us for details.

Do we have to meet in person?  No.  While it is preferable to have a face-to-face relationship, Schuler Wealth Planning is set up to work with clients anywhere in the US via remote meetings.

What is your investment philosophy?  For our clients, core long-term dollars, we focus on 3 things when looking at investments.  They must be simple to understand, low-cost and flexible (liquid).  We will never put you into an investment that has lock-up periods or surrender charges.

Do you prepare tax returns or estate planning documents?  No.  We will work with your current CPA or Estate Planning Attorney to make sure all of these areas of your life are coordinated.   We take pride in the fact that we consider both taxes and estate implications when building your financial plan and investment portfolio.